How to use Tofu in Western cooking

Challenges with Firm Tofu

Firm tofu has three downsides.

Pressed tofu

Pressed tofu (dougan)

What it is: densely pressed tofu, in blocks or thin sheets, that is usually pre-smoked or pre-stewed in spices


Yuba (youdoupi)

What it is: a film that forms atop heated soymilk, eaten fresh or dried.

Thousand Sheets

Thousand Sheets (qianzhang)

What it is: thinly pressed tofu sheets

Q-tan Tofu

Q-tan Tofu (qianyedoufu)

What it is: tofu made from soy protein, not whole beans.

Fermented Tofu

Fermented Tofu (furu)

What it is: the “cheese” of tofu. Little cubes that have been seasoned and fermented



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